Is Your Website Old? Consider a Redesign and SEO

13. April 2016 Online SEO 0

OLD WOMANDo you think your website is not getting enough response? Do you find the design of your old website unimpressive? Are you in the same business for a long time without any profit? If the answers to all the questions are yes then this is the right time to give a fresh and a new look to your old website. More importantly, you will have to redesign it with a good SEO. In this current competitive market, your business cannot prosper without the successful implementation of the SEO. When all are in the run to make profits and to get the attentions of the customer, you need to do something extraordinary and different to achieve the end.

SEO is not new in the digital marketing. It has been used since a long time by the business owners to make their website search engine friendly and to get the attention of the customers. If you are planning to redesign your website you can consider implementing SEO to get a good response and to make it a profitable one. A good SEO can contribute in many ways. You just need to choose a reliable and experienced professional for this purpose. Many services are available for this job. But you need to hire the best one to get better results.

Why SEO is important while redesigning an old website

You are not getting desired success from your business due to many reasons. Some of them are your website is not that responsive, unable to meet the demands of the customer, and not search engine friendly. And an SEO can fill all the gaps and can give a new look to your website. Consider the following eight tips while redesigning your old website.

1. URL structure

If your URL structure is lengthy and illegible and does not match well with the contents of your site then consider restructuring it to make it search engine friendly. Usually, search engine prefers the URLs that come with a simple structure with a proper knowledge of the content of that page. A good SEO can create a proper and useful URL for your site.

2. High-quality contents

One of the most important requirements for the success of any online business is the content. You need to emphasize on the high-quality content and to reduce the number of the pages to make it short and impressive. Even a poor product can be sold without much effort with a good content. Similarly, a good product cannot be sold without proper contents. If you are unable to offer high-quality contents then it is better to take the help of a professional to meet this need. This is essential to make your website search engine friendly.

3. Website domain

If you change the domain of your website instantly without any prior planning then it might affect the search engine rankings. If you do not have any plan to migrate your old site to the new one then it is better to have similar content in both the sites so that the search engine will ignore the duplicate contents and your new design and content can come to the notice of the users. It will attract new customers and you will not lose your previous customers as well.

4. On-page SEO

On page SEO is always important for the digital marketing. On page SEO keeps close attention on all the required data and design of your site that includes the content, Meta descriptions, headers, and title tags. While making any new page, make sure that it has rich, high-quality, and authoritative contents. And another important thing is the keyword. It should be appropriate and should not be overused. Keywords are the main things that can give you high ranks in the search engines. Then make sure that your keywords and contents are simple, impressive, logical, clear, and appropriate.

5. Off-page SEO

Like on-page SEO, off-page SEO is equally important for the promotion of any business. Off- page SEO provides all the requirements that make your site search engine friendly and worth visiting. Off-Page SEO includes the planning of the web-design, contents, backlinks, guest posts, and the proper URL. Without a proper planning, you cannot implement the things properly. Off-page SEO is there to make the planning for the all around development of your site with the proper implementation of the SEO.

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the important aspects of the SEO. Backlinks introduce your sites to other sites and make the users know about your business. Backlinks also prove that your site is relevant and can come to the search engine more frequently. But while planning for the backlinks, make sure that you are making links with reliable and reputed sites. Otherwise, it will not help you a lot. Always consider using trustworthy and genuine websites for your business. That can truly make a difference.

7. Color, theme, and design

If you planning to redesign your website then consider giving it a fresh and innovative look. It will create a positive impression and will also get the attention of the prospective buyers. You can change the design, color and the theme of your site without affecting the SEO. Any major change in the content and page layout can work adversely. Hence, you can redirect the existing pages to the new one with some minor changes.

8. Avoid duplicate pages

Duplicate contents cannot help you a lot and cannot make your site search engine friendly. You should do every effort to avoid and minimize duplicate contents. If you find some of the contents are not useful for your site then remove it without a second thought.

SEO can help you in many ways to make your site search engine friendly and to get the attention of the users. It also keeps updating the changes and makes it user-friendly. You can do the SEO on your own with a proper knowledge and experience. If you are new in this industry then you should take the help of any professional to accomplish this task. A trustworthy and reputed service understands the complications in a better way.