The 5 Most Important Components of an SEO Website Audit

The website audit is arguably the key component to determining the effectiveness of past and current marketing campaigns as well as planning precise and effective future campaigns. Performing a regular audit will illustrate which are the most successful features of your web site as well as which ones are not contributing much or even detracting from your efforts.


A proper Website Audit should include a thorough revision of 5 important components that affect the overall website performance. These 5 key components as well as some important information on what to assess is presented in the following article. For one of the best free site audits online visit the website of Red Rain SEO. You can run your own site URL through their audit tool and receive a free report back in a matter of minutes highlighting the key areas of your site that need attention.  Just visit this page at Red Rain SEO – SEO Audit. If you would like to find out a bit more about Red Rain SEO click here. Otherwise, you can find them on Yelp.



5 Key Components of a Website Audit

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO refers to the way your website is developed and presented to the major Search Engines. Things like headings, keywords and content, will be of prime importance here. The ability to produce a consistent supply of meaningful content is what gives a website and a brand identity and, when done right, attracts high-quality traffic.

2. Content Audit

How will you know how and where to improve content if you are not sure what brings results and what does not. A content audit will qualify every piece of content ever produced by your website. This will then give you a better idea of what has been meaningful to your audience — “meaningful” is important— and also indicate where your thematic gaps are.

This is key to gaining more attention to your website because it illuminates the success and shortcomings of your content strategy. After the results are examined, important adjustments can be made to more effectively resource content supply, address content gaps and necessary direction for new content as well as deciding what content you need to emphasize against what you should eliminate.

3. Website Traffic

Visitors to your website bring with them far more than simply the possibility of a commercial transaction. By fully analysing the details of your website traffic you will be able to effectively adjust your website to attract greater and greater amounts of traffic.

A website traffic audit will illustrate the particulars of visitor behaviour, points of origin for incoming traffic, time spent on specific pages, tracked conversations, and much more. These valuable metrics will reveal to the observant website owner how to make his online locale more conducive to success.

4. Mobile Friendly Website:

Any savvy website owner must be aware by now that these mobile devices everyone is connected to are not just a passing trend. These devices are becoming the hottest most competitive market this world has known.

Over 46% of the traffic online is being done through mobile devices and without an online option; a modern merchant is missing a large portion of their customer base. The mobile audit will show you how your online marketing campaigns can be more effective on this important front.

5. Social Media

Finally, there is a place online where the multitudes gather to socialize, and the chances for effective brand publicity are plenty. Proper social media marketing is all about making a social connection with your specific demographic, so they will enjoy and share your content with their friends and the story only gets better from there.

But like all the other components of a website audit, if your social media campaign is being based on gut feelings, strokes of unqualified genius and flights of frenzy it will be doomed to the fate of the Titanic. Make sure the key performance indicators and metrics that you use to decide future directions are based off solid facts. This way you will not fear defeat in this competitive market.